Nordic Nuclear Trainee Programme

Power Climate Smarter living - that’s our purpose. We are looking for the nuclear energy heroes to make this happen. Start your climate smarter career and become one of our Nordic Nuclear Trainees that start their journey in September 2022.

Vattenfall positions

Applications for 2022 are closed

About the program

Nordic Nuclear Trainee Programme (NNTP) is a unique opportunity for young talents. The program will give extensive skills and training for young nuclear professionals who are in the early stage in their career, and it will also offer a great possibility to build networks among nuclear professionals in the Nordic countries. NNTP is organized jointly by Fortum, Teollisuuden Voima, Uniper and Vattenfall. You can read more about our cooperation at

Between the seminar weeks, work rotations and project assignment, you will work with your colleagues in a regular position in the organization. It is the second time all four Nuclear operators in the Nordic join forces to give you as Trainee knowledge of the different operators, their Nuclear business and how it all links together. You will learn the similarities and differences of being an Nuclear operator in Sweden and Finland and how different stakeholders, authorities and other organizations that have an impact on our business and industry.

Join our nuclear energy heroes and you’ll be helping ensure safe, reliable, low-carbon energy production

What we offer

  • 15 months programme that start in September 2022
  • The possibility to work with some of the best in the field
  • A full time position at Vattenfall
  • Two rotation periods where you’ll work in different areas of Vattenfall and or at one of the other companies, Fortum, Uniper and TVO
  • Deeper understanding of the Nuclear Business value chain, in all parts from construction to decommissioning
  • Insight form all participating companies, Fortum, Uniper and TVO
  • Acknowledgement of a business for the future – with high innovation and solution orientation

Caroline's highlights

2018 we launched our first nuclear trainee programme. Read about our former trainees highlights; “The trainee programme gave me the opportunity to get to know people across the organisation and gave me a network that I now use every day in my daily work. It was a real kick-start in my career and what I learned during the year normally takes several years to experience.”- Caroline Bohlin, Maintenance Engineer.

Fanny's highlights

"It was very exciting to visit Krümmel nuclear power plant which is being decommissioned and Geesthacht pump power station in Hamburg but one specific highlight was to meet all the competent people, both trainees and other employees in Vattenfall". -Fanny Ladeborn, Project Engineer.

Who are you?

  • You have an academic degree in engineering
  • You are newly graduated or in the beginning of your career
  • You are fluent in English and Swedish
  • You are able to travel
  • You have the possibility to relocate (temporarily)
  • You have passion about environment and technology

Recruitment process

  • Apply before the 10th of April
  • Selection
  • Interviews
  • Assessment day 5th of May
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Program kick-off 27th of September
  • If you have any questions please reach out to Mona Bergfeldt
Any questions?
Send me an email!
Mona Bergfeldt

Meet our heroes

Application process

  1. Apply

    First things first, find the right trainee position and write your tailored cover letter. Score extra points? Answer the question: How will you contribute to a fossil free future?

    Match the key requirements with your profile

  2. Screening

    The recruiter will review your application within 2 weeks after closing the vacancy. If you are invited for the online test the recruiter will call you to explain the process and the programme.

    Be prepared for practical questions

  3. Online test

    If you invited for the online test you will receive an email with the correct instructions. Make sure you finish the test on time.

    Be prepared and not overthink it!

  4. Interviews

    When invited for an interview we are curious to meet you. Show us your superpowers online or in person. If we see a match a second interview might be part of the process.

    Don’t forget to ask questions yourself

  5. Assessment

    Some positions require zooming in even more on specific competences. You will be invited for an offline assessment on a pre-set date and time.

    Be yourself

  6. Pre-employment screening

    Our Pre-employment screening varies per country. If a security vetting process is part of the screening you will be informed by the recruiter during the recruitment process.

    Be honest in every step

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