IT & Strategy Talent Programme

Are you looking for a career where you can have a real impact on the journey to fossil-free living? Our new IT & Strategy Talent Programme will develop the individuals who can help us rapidly accelerate progress. You’ll work on some of the most exciting and important projects taking place in the industry. It’ll be a steep learning curve, but you’ll get all the tools and support you need to take your career to the next level. Have you got the skills, aptitude and drive to help shape the future? Apply to join now.

Learning phases

Applications for 2022 are closed

What you can expect

This is a new recruitment and development path to help us accelerate progress on the journey to fossil-free living. We are working on the front-line of many of the leading edge developments in the energy industry, and need talented graduates and those with up to two years’ work experience to ensure we make the most of the opportunities ahead. Candidates will gain from a broad introduction to the energy business and the company, as well as highly-focused training towards a continued career in Vattenfall. Although your academic achievements in an engineering discipline are important, it is your mindset which will enable you to get the most out of the two-year programme. You’ll join as part of our Strategic Development team which looks at the bigger picture across our markets, identifies and develops innovations, oversees environment and sustainability and takes IT to the next level. The individual journey you’ll take on the programme will be matched to your specific skills and personality, and from the outset you’ll have your own development plan.

This will be tailored towards a role suitable for you; for example you could develop into a specialist in a field such as IT or power technology, using your strong technical and analytical skills to find solutions to impossible problems. Examples of other important roles are strategists who can see the bigger picture and take decisions to make the most of opportunities and transformation drivers who will lead the change and inspire others. The programme is made up of building blocks of 3-6 months. The initial stage will see you spend quality time with your hiring manager and getting to know your team. The focus is very much on learning by doing, and together with your manager you’ll decide where next in the organization you will go to get the experience you need. Each stage of the programme will have new abilities to learn and different targets to achieve, all aimed at accelerating your development towards the next sweet spot in your career.

Your individual journey will match your specific skills and personality.

What we offer

  • Two-year accelerated development programme based around your specific talents and personality
  • Challenging and international work environment
  • Full-time contract with an employer committed to good work/life balance
  • Strategic development plan with clear goals
  • International travel to visit Vattenfall operations across Europe
  • Networking opportunities to get to know colleagues

40 unique positions

There are expected to be around 40 positions available across the programme which starts in September. Each position will have specific requirements on academic background or experience which will be detailed in the vacancy. You apply for the position which best matches your skills, experience and ambition. Chosen candidates will undergo personality and aptitude tests before an interview with a hiring manager and in some cases a presentation will also be required. If you’re successful you’ll be given all the support you need to rapidly progress to the next stage of your career.

What happens at the end of the programme?

By the end of the programme you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to embark on the next stage of your career with Vattenfall within one of our business areas or in our corporate IT department. In some cases, your future role may be decided at the beginning of the programme and the development path will ensure candidates develop the specific skills needed for their future role.

Who are you?

  • Graduate, or up to two years’ work experience
  • Strong academic background in engineering or IT
  • Passionate about wanting to create change
  • Keen to ‘learn by doing’
  • Able to handle a steep learning curve
  • Committed to climate-smarter living
  • Able to travel regularly
Any questions?
Send me an email!
Anna Appelgren

Application process

  1. Apply

    First things first, find the right trainee position and write your tailored cover letter. Score extra points? Answer the question: How will you contribute to a fossil free future?

    Match the key requirements with your profile

  2. Screening

    The recruiter will review your application within 2 weeks after closing the vacancy. If you are invited for the online test the recruiter will call you to explain the process and the programme.

    Be prepared for practical questions

  3. Online test

    If you invited for the online test you will receive an email with the correct instructions. Make sure you finish the test on time.

    Be prepared and not overthink it!

  4. Interviews

    When invited for an interview we are curious to meet you. Show us your superpowers online or in person. If we see a match a second interview might be part of the process.

    Don’t forget to ask questions yourself

  5. Assessment

    Some positions require zooming in even more on specific competences. You will be invited for an offline assessment on a pre-set date and time.

    Be yourself

  6. Pre-employment screening

    Our Pre-employment screening varies per country. If a security vetting process is part of the screening you will be informed by the recruiter during the recruitment process.

    Be honest in every step

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