Empowering young talents for the future

At Vattenfall, we know that the future of energy will be shaped by the bright minds of tomorrow. That's why we value our close collaborations with students, graduates and young talents from across the globe. 'Young talents' is not about age - we use it as an expression to describe someone who is new to the working life.

Students & Starters

We’re always looking for new talent to join us on our journey towards a fossil-free future. Whether it’s an internship or writing your thesis, you’ll get the chance to gain invaluable work experience as well as applying your knowledge in a practical setting.


International Trainee Programme

We offer 20 trainee positions divided across different locations in the countries we operate in. The programme runs for twelve months and starts in September. Each trainee position is linked to a department within a business area and a location.


Digital Talent Programme

New digital innovations and solutions are vital to reach our goal: fossil free living within one generation. That’s why we’re continuously searching for future digital talents that can help us solve this challenge. Talents interested in IT, digital solutions and innovations. Apply for the Digital Talent Programme and use your skills to achieve fossil free living within one generation.