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Daniel studied business administration at the university of Passau, Germany where he focused on strategy, organization and marketing, particularly in the retail industry. After passed his doctoral examination in business administration he began his career in market research before switching to the consultancy sector where he worked on projects for clients in sectors including energy before joining Vattenfall in 2010.

“I had originally planned a career in retail but when I was working as a consultant I got involved in projects in the energy sector and found it a very interesting industry.

It is such a broad area with many challenges and my early years at Vattenfall saw me having to overcome a lot of hurdles in the smart meter rollout programme in Germany which was an important change for the sector. When that came to an end I asked if there was a possibility for me to get some international experience to develop my career and I was given the opportunity to work as a business strategist in Sweden. At Vattenfall if you are ambitious then you get support from the organisation to achieve your goals.

Making people part of the solution

In my current role in heat I’m working at the heart of the big challenges in moving to fossil free. Technology will play a part, but the most important aspect is business model innovation and making people part of the solution or enabling them to own part of it which is a quite new area.

The work is very varied and I love how sometimes things come together which you wouldn’t have imagined before. For example, sector coupling is interconnecting consumers across real estate, transport and even agriculture with the energy sector. Involving different stakeholders creates new customer requirements and new opportunities for Vattenfall. And it makes it very clear that the fossil-free mission involves looking at the big picture.

As a father of three young children, Vattenfall’s fossil-free mission is really important to me and I also like the fact it is such a simple message which even people of their age can understand. But achieving that goal won’t be easy and I think it is good that a company as big as Vattenfall is putting itself under pressure in such a public way.

With a busy family life I don’t have much time for my hobbies such as road cycling. But I still enjoy collecting vinyl records and I’m a keen photographer and that is something you can and should do with children!”

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Career path

I’m involved in product management for our existing portfolio of decentralised heating and energy solutions for B2B customers. I also look at future products and solutions, which includes technology innovation as well as business model innovation to bring the CO2 footprint down and to meet customer requirements in the changing energy world.
I had been keen to get some international experience and was given an opportunity to move to Sweden. I had initiated the request but was then supported by HR and the business to achieve my career aims. It enabled me to see the business from a different angle and I also later got the chance to take a new position in a different Business Area – Heat - which saw me return to Germany.
The experience I had gained on the needs and challenges of internal and external stakeholders saw me take responsibility for a programme preparing the organisation for the rollout of smart metering. It was a very good experience as there were many hurdles to overcome and a lot of change management involved. I later became Head of Projects Metering, DSO, where my team successfully introduced a number of business development pilots.