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About Anna Musiol

Anna studied European Law at Humboldt University, Berlin before beginning her career with a legal practice in Germany. She joined Vattenfall’s IT Services team in Poland in 2016 as an IT Service Desk technician.

“I studied law at university and although I didn’t have any experience in IT, it was an area I had always been interested in.

The training I was given before I started work at the IT Service Desk gave me a very good foundation. My first four years at Vattenfall have been extremely busy and there has been a lot of support and encouragement to try different areas and roles to help me decide the direction I want to go in.

The colleagues we support in BA Markets have a vital role in optimising assets and sourcing and trading commodities. Their work is very time-sensitive so dealing with IT problems and issues quickly is critical. It’s high pressure but it is also very rewarding knowing we are playing such an important support role for 400 people.

Stepping up to be a team coordinator

This is my first job as a team coordinator so quite a bit of my time is taken up with people management and resource planning. I’m still learning but I’m really enjoying the responsibility and it is definitely an area I want to develop in more in the future.

The team works across two shifts each day, an early one and a late one. I like to switch between both as it really helps with work life balance to be able to organise things I want to do outside work.

Active social life

I took up ballroom dancing when I was at university and love it as a relaxation from work – I think it is the combination of both exercise and mental concentration.

I also play for a Vattenfall volleyball team which is great fun and gives us the opportunity to meet with colleagues from our other sites in Poland.”

Anna works within:

Business support

Career path

This is my first job as a team coordinator and I’m leading a team of nine people. It’s a great learning experience and it is definitely an area where I want to develop more. As well as handling IT requests and I am also building a relationship with our customers, BA Markets and BA Wind.
I moved to this position as I wanted to experience supporting a ‘high availability’ customer. The nature of BA Markets work means we have to respond very quickly to requests for help.
This was a really interesting role which I am still involved with and includes the administration of users and permissions in SAP.
I graduated in law but had been interested in IT and a friend who was working in Vattenfall suggested I applied for this job. I received intensive training before starting my first role where I was responsible for supporting users with issues as well as incident handling.