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About Rebecca Jacobson

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Engineering/ Industrial Engineering & Management from the University of Amsterdam. After leaving school she served in the army for just under two years before joining Vattenfall.

„My team is currently working on ways to develop more features for Vattenfall’s Energie app to help customers gain better insight into consumption and to see how being more sustainable can save money.

It is great working with the creative people on my team and seeing how an idea which starts as a sketch becomes something you can use on your phone. We’re taking an Agile approach with two-week sprints to move things forward really quickly.

I also work closely with others from across the business such as SAP experts to help find the best way to deliver the data needed for a particular project. I recently took part in a project with SAP Solution Designer Heiko Wielinga to develop a feature to enable customers to see their energy usage and cost across different channels.

Support for career development

My current role is very different to the first job I had in Vattenfall which was as a customer service representative in a call centre. I soon began coaching colleagues before the opportunity came up to be a trainer.

Whatever I do in life I want to be confident I have the knowledge I need. So I took a course on Learning & Development in organisations to help me become a better trainer and this was fully supported by Vattenfall.

I later made the move into process management as it was an area I was interested in and at the same time I embarked on a part-time Bachelor’s degree course. I love finding out how things are made and people with technical skills are always in demand so I chose to study Industrial Engineering & Management.

It was hard combining my course with my job – I started work at 7.30am on one day a week and then went to college in the afternoon and was studying until around 10.30pm. But Vattenfall supported me with study leave throughout the course.

When I’m not working you’ll often find me outdoors, perhaps exploring a forest with my young son. I’ve also recently started kickboxing again. It is a sport I took up when I was 16 but I had a break when I fell pregnant. It’s a great release from work!”

Career path

Process Manager and Data Product Owner I started working on a project to develop the Vattenfall Energie App to help customers better manage their energy consumption. I took on an additional role as Data Product Owner, deciding which data should be used and from which source it should come from and also since became Product Owner of the app. There are two teams working on the app and mine is currently trying to increase the self-service rate by enabling customers to do more things themselves rather than having to contact someone in customer service.
Process is an area which had always interested me and I also wanted to try something different. The opportunity came up to move into process management where I was focused on improving billing and invoicing. I also embarked on a four year part-time Bachelor of Engineering/ Industrial Engineering & Management course, alongside my fulltime job and was given study leave to help me manage the time commitment.
After leaving the army I started as a customer service representative at Nuon. Within eight months I became a coach and within another year I became a trainer. This was a path I was keen to progress myself but I was also given a lot of encouragement and help including funding for course to be a better trainer.
Although I didn’t spend long in the army and I decided it wasn’t a long-term career for me, I did learn a lot during my time there. I really enjoyed many aspects of army life such as being outside and active – and not having to decide what to wear each day!