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About Per Wettergren

After graduating with an MSC in Industrial Engineering and Management from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Per began his career in the finance sector. He joined Vattenfall as a Strategy Analyst and is currently Proposition Manager for E-mobility Nordic, responsible for business development mainly in the Norwegian market.

„I had started my career in the finance sector but as an engineer the energy industry had always been attractive to me.

The e-mobility area I work in now is such a fast-moving and exciting sector and it is important that Vattenfall continues to be at the forefront of developing solutions which will help people live more sustainably.

That means we’re encouraged to try new things and new ways of working without being too afraid of failing.

Support for innovation

In 2019 I won Vattenfall’s international innovation competition for an idea for using a crowdfunding concept to develop EV charging infrastructure.

By allowing customers and partners to invest and help decide where chargers are located they could be more empowered to be part of the transition to electrification of transport. After winning the competition I’ve had the opportunity to manage two master thesis projects to implement the idea. I think it shows Vattenfall’s commitment to innovation and encouraging an entrepreneurial approach from staff.

The nature of my role means my work can be very intense at times but it is also quite flexible which is helpful for my training for the Vasaloppet cross-country skiing event in Sweden which I take part in. The 90km race is tough and takes seven or eight hours so you really need to be ready for it!”

Career path

After working on a project looking at new markets in the Nordics I was asked to project manage our entry into the e-mobility sector in Norway. It is also a business development role, understanding what will work best for customers in the market.
This was my first job in the energy industry and was a very good introduction as I was able to take a high-level view right across the sector. Most of my time was spent analysing different markets, assessing new technologies and understanding what our competitors were doing.
Graduated at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.