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About Sofi Bryggman

Sofi first joined Vattenfall in 2007 as part of a work-experience program during her university studies in soil mechanics, specialising in dam technology and mountain mechanics. After finishing her degree in 2009 Sofi started at Vattenfall Power Consultant. In 2011 she moved on to Sweco and Ramboll, and then joined Vattenfall Vattenkraft in late 2017.

“I grew up in Norrbotten in the far North of Sweden, in a small village called Vuollerim by the Luleälv river, very close to the Porsi hydro power plant. Hydro power has always been present in my life, and when I got the opportunity it was a natural step for me to start working with issues like dam safety and maintenance.

Endless opportunities

The fact that Vattenfall is a large company means I have a lot of opportunities to grow professionally. I enjoy the challenges of working with large, complex projects, and I also really like the fact that no day is the same as the day before. I am excited to go to work every day, and I don’t think there will even be a point where I run out of opportunities to learn new things.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Even though Vattenfall is such a large company, it is both fast-paced and forward-thinking. The mindset is very entrepreneurial: every day has a new set of challenges as we are constantly looking for smarter and better ways to do things. We never get stuck in doing things a certain way, simply because that is how we have always done them. I also like the diversity of the company. Everyone is accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the table, It is a warm and inclusive environment that brings out the best in everyone.

Contributing to a better world

I am passionate about nature. I spend a lot of time outside either riding my horse, growing my garden, fishing, hunting or just out on a snowmobile. I also love knitting, it is a perfect pastime to wind down. Like most of us, I am concerned about climate change and I want to make a difference and contribute to a fossil-free future. By working with hydro power and how we can make our plants even safer as well as more efficient, I feel that what I do is important and really contributes to a better world.”

Sofi works within:


Career path

Responsible for maintaining the dam safety at 8 hydro power plants. This position entails less time in the field and more time analyzing and planning, both for what needs to be done in the here and now, but also predicting maintenance for years ahead. I am enjoying the added responsibility; our plants are large and complex and there is a lot that must be taken into account.
Responsible for yearly inspections, condition monitoring and maintenance planning at Vattenfall’s hydro power plants. My duties included a lot of on-site visits and inspections. I really enjoyed it being so hands-on and it gave me a chance to learn a lot about all our hydro power plants and to work with a lot of different people from varying backgrounds.