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Martina has M.Sc. degrees from the University of Padova (Automation Engineering) and from the University of Aalborg (Control & Automation Engineering) as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering from the University of Padova. She has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark, in collaboration with Vattenfall, on the application of Operational Research on offshore wind parks.

“My PhD project was a great opportunity to look into innovative ways of using Operational Research in renewable energy which is still quite a new area for the industry.

Vattenfall was my industry partner for the thesis which looked at the optimisation of wind farm design – how best to squeeze the most out of a project by using maths to calculate the optimum layout and cable route.

It gave me the chance to work with people from many different backgrounds and to develop tools which are now being used by the company to design the wind farms of the future.

Ask and share

Although my background was not in wind energy and I initially found the language quite different to what I was used to, the ‘ask and share’ culture at Vattenfall really helped me in the early days. I found colleagues were always very open to explaining things and helping me understand.

I’m really motivated by the technical challenges faced and using digitalisation and analysis to find new solutions to move forward. I have to think outside of the box and every day is different.

It is also important to me that the work the system design team I am part of is doing is at the forefront of an industry which is making an important contribution to a fossil-free future.

I like the focus on the individual as well as the job at Vattenfall, my manager often asks me how I’m feeling about my work I think is a very positive approach.

My job is very technical so when I’m not working I like to be quite a creative person so enjoy painting and poetry. And as an Italian I of course love cooking!”

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Career path

My PhD thesis was awarded as best PhD thesis in applied mathematics in Europe. The jury appreciated the innovation in the scientific methods for complex optimization problems, as well as the practical value of the project. I was also honoured to present this work as finalist in a very prestigious American award on the application of Operations Research world-wide.
I work within the system design team, using digitalisation and analytics to get the very most out of offshore projects. For example we look at where best to put offshore wind turbine to avoid interference with others and the software developed saves an average of 10 million euros per wind farm.
My thesis was on Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Offshore Wind Park Design and was selected by Innovation Fund Denmark for an industrial PhD grant. It was an exciting opportunity for me use the power of maths to solve problems.