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About Kristhofer Mendez

Kristhofer moved to Sweden from Uruguay in 2011 to be with the woman who is now his wife. After working as an installation electrician at various building companies he joined Vattenfall in May 2019.

“In the beginning of 2019, a friend told me Vattenfall was looking for new people and I applied immediately. The company’s size and stability was one of the things that attracted me, as well as the stellar reputation it has as an employer. Getting the job was a proud moment and work-life at Vattenfall has lived up to all my expectations.

I think the thing that impressed me most was the total focus on safety and the fact that this was something we were never, ever expected to compromise with. This certainly made a welcome change from my previous experiences where safety often seemed to be last on the list.

A refreshing change

I trained as an electrician in Uruguay and after moving to Sweden in 2011, I started working at various building sites. The tempo and the pressure to get everything finished quickly, were high and I was often frustrated over what I perceived as expected compromises with safety. I saw colleagues get hurt when corners were cut, and I sometimes worried about my own safety as well.

Freedom and flexibility

My workdays are quite varied. I am responsible for maintenance, repairs and services at a number of generator stations around Stockholm. Basically, I am to make sure everything works and that we have as little down-time as possible. I mostly work alone, although there are always teammates available if I need any assistance. I have a lot of freedom to plan my day and also some flexibility with my working hours as long as everything gets done, and that is important to me since I have two small children. Before they were born, I was an avid diver, but I have moved on to football, which is easier to combine with family life and small children. As a family, we try to live as sustainable as possible, and I am proud of Vattenfall’s commitment to a fossil-free future.

Supportive environment

I really enjoy that every day is different and brings its own challenges. I am constantly learning new things and I feel that I am given every opportunity to grow professionally. This is not a company where you get stuck, you are always supported in setting, and reaching, new goals. I see a lot of opportunities to move on in my career. Vattenfall is not only a good employer, it also has the size to be an employer for life, regardless of how you want to grow your career. I honestly cannot think of another place I would rather work.”

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Career path

started an installation electrician at various building sites
My first job was as a telecommunications engineer, laying down and installing broadband.
I went to work as an Electrician