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About Katja

Katja studied System Development at the University of Skövde, Sweden and worked in the logistics and market research sectors before joining Vattenfall in 2018.
“I’m currently working on the biggest single IT project in Vattenfall to replace all our data centres with more efficient and smarter ones.

It is a huge task, involving moving 4,500 servers and developing new applications and databases and will take at least another two years to complete. The scale and complexity means it is very challenging but it is also fun and I’m learning new things every day.

As well as being more cost-effective, the new data centres will make it much faster to deploy a new application or server and having one common architectural design will make life simpler. It may not mean much to people outside IT, but the improvements will be seen right across the business.

Working towards fossil-free at work and home

Since joining Vattenfall I’ve become much more interested in environmental issues in my own life. I’m helping to get EV charging points installed at the housing complex where I live and we are also looking at installing solar panels. Energy is such an interesting area!

I’ve found the working environment at Vattenfall to be very good. It is friendly and professional and I’m able to build the strong long-term relationships which are so important in project management. My job is very busy – as a project manager I seem to live my life in Outlook, Powerpoint, MS Teams and Excel – so it is important I’m able to switch off when I’m not at work.

I’ve enjoyed singing in choirs since I was a child, everything from traditional Swedish songs to Abba. My daughter and I are also keen horse-riders and we are currently looking to buy one to share. Going to the stables is a great way to lower the heart rate!”

Katja works within:

Business support

Career path

Vattenfall had been recommended to me and energy seemed a really interesting sector to be involved in. My first projects included one to help develop smart meters for the heat business to help customers have better control over their consumption. I’m now part of a team of around 40 working on the Data Centre Transformation (DCT) project which will help provide a more efficient and effective IT platform for the whole organisation.
This was a quite a change in my career as it involved working in a very different industry and with international clients on projects such as the implementation of dashboards for customers.
My roles at the Norwegian postal service included managing project portfolios, supporting project managers and developing processes. I learned a lot here about ways to avoid projects going over budget and time which is a major issue in IT.
I began my career working for the Swedish postal service, initially focused on IT development. I later moved into project management which suits my personality - I really like to work as part of a team and I enjoy the leadership aspect.