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About Caroline Bohlin

While studying for her master’s degree in mechanical engineering Caroline used to work extra as part of the decontamination team at the Forsmark nuclear power plant. After graduating she joined Vattenfall as a trainee within Nuclear. Today she is part of a team that is responsible for planning and executing reactor maintenance at Forsmark.

“Nuclear technology has always fascinated me and working extra at Forsmark during my studies reinforced my interest. I am currently part of a team focusing on necessary repairs and maintenance in the here and now, as well as predictive analysis and planning running 5-20 years into the future. It is challenging, complex and very interesting. People seem to think that nuclear is not an area with a lot of opportunities for the future, but I could not disagree more. This is an area where you can build a great career over time.

A good introduction

Coming into Vattenfall as a trainee was a good experience. I worked at different sites, tried a lot of things and connected with a lot of great people that I am still in touch with. Through experiencing different environments I learned to understand others and got to know myself much better.

New challenges every day

Going to work is exciting. I feel that what I do is important, I am part of a great team where I feel valued and appreciated and I am constantly growing as a professional. The challenges we face are complex, the focus on safety intense and we are always looking for new and better ways to do things.

An employer that sees every individual

I think one thing that makes Vattenfall special is the active focus on every employee’s potential and on giving us every chance to learn more about areas we are interested in. The size of the company is a huge plus: no matter where you want to go career-wise I think it is possible here. The managers are very supportive. My interest in leadership was picked up immediately and I have been given every opportunity to expand my competence. I have a clear plan ahead and I know I will get the support I need to reach my goals.”

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Career path

When my manager decided to leave, I was given the chance to lead the team while a replacement was recruited. I have always been interested in leadership and this was a great way to try my wings for a limited period of time. I have learnt a lot, and now know what I need to focus on going forward.
Nuclear is a fossil-free power source and working with reactor maintenance gave me a great sense of purpose. The more I learned about it, the more I was convinced that this is an important, safe and viable energy source for the future.
Since I had already worked extra at Forsmark for several summers, I was pretty sure Vattenfall was the company for me. Being accepted to the trainee program was a proud moment. And it turned out to be great opportunity to learn about different parts of the business.