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About Rosalie van Casteren

Rosalie has a BSc and an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. She spent her internship with Lockheed Martin in the US, working as part of the F35 manufacturing team, before joining Vattenfall through the International Trainee Programme.

“Applying for my first leadership role in Vattenfall as O&M Manager at HKZ was quite ambitious, but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be involved with what will be the world’s largest wind farm.
I had spent six weeks working on an offshore project in the UK during my trainee programme which gave me a sneak peak into the sector, and I was very attracted to a role working close to the technology and where I could make a tangible contribution to delivering sustainable power.

My job is to lead the team of service leaders and technicians who will keep the 140 turbines running and delivering maximum clean power. The project won’t be fully operational until mid-2023, so together with the other O&M manager my focus now is on recruiting the many technicians we will need.

By 2026 there could be 60 technicians at HKZ so we need to recruit from across different industries, and as well as interviewing my role is also to develop the onboarding programme to ensure they are ready for when operations start.

Trainee programme was a solid foundation.

It is not just the scale of HKZ which makes it a hugely exciting project to work on. It is the world’s first subsidy-free offshore wind project and will also use a new type of turbine, so I’m sure there will be many challenges ahead for the team. Supplier Siemens will be helping us in the first three years but we will handle all O&M tasks after that.

The trainee programme gave me a good foundation for the role as I was able to experience many facets of the energy industry in a short space of time. Seeing how power plants are dispatched to the market gave me a better understanding of how our production is related to what Vattenfall earns and I also gained a good understanding of stakeholder management issues.

I’m really looking forward to the HKZ team getting the keys to our new O&M hub at IJmuiden soon. Hopefully that will enable me to finally leave behind my home office and be with my new team in person!”

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Career path

I’m responsible for the team of Service Leaders and Technicians that run the day to day operations and maintenance activities from our operational hub in IJmuiden. I make sure our team has everything they need to safely perform their work in order to keep the availability of our offshore wind turbines as high as possible.
My role is focused on optimizing the commercial and technical performance of our district heating networks and gas fired power plants. Working in asset management means I get to develop my technical expertise but am involved in commercial aspects, looking at what energy markets might be like in the years ahead and what that means for our power plants.
I was assigned to the Asset Management team for Heat in the Netherlands, although around 40% of my time was spent on activities including my international assignment in the UK, training opportunities, and personal development.
At university I focused on aerospace engineering, but during my master's I also began looking at space exploration and Earth sciences. My thesis was about how melting icecaps affect the surface of the Earth, and that got me interested in the human impact on climate change and the role the energy transition can play in limiting that.